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Sources of the genome sequences: The whole genome sequences of Ensete ventricosum cv. "Bedadit" (Genbank Assembly: GCA_000818735.2), Ensete ventricosum cv. "Derea"(Genbank Assembly: GCA_001884805.1), Ensete ventricosum cv. "Jungle Seeds"(Genbank Assembly: GCA_000331365.2) and Ensete ventricosum cv. "Onjamo" (Genbank Assembly: GCA_001884845.1) were retrieved from the NCBI
Yemataw, Z. et al. Genome sequence data from 17 accessions of Ensete ventricosum, a staple food crop for millions in Ethiopia. Data in brief, 18, 285-293(2018).
Harrison, J. et al. A draft genome sequence for ensete ventricosum, the drought-tolerant “tree against hunger”. Agronomy ,4, 13-33(2014).

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